How to get started with Agile Project Management using Jira?

What is Jira software?

It is defined as an agile project management tool that supports several agile methodologies such as kanban, scrum, etc. One can track, manage agile boards and reports, using a single tool. It acts as a framework for providing a team with better quality software and at a faster pace. There’s an agile methodology known as scrum, where products are built in a sequel of fixed-length iterations. Four pillars provide structure to this framework, namely, stand-ups, sprints, sprint planning, and retrospectives. Jira Software is equipped with a comprehensive set of agile tools. These tools help the scrum team perform the events with ease.

Tools with sprint planning: 

Version supervision, easy backlog grooming, sprint planning, story points.

The version management provides track versions, features, and progress, all at a single glance. The issues, development data, complete status, and potential dilemmas can be seen by clicking into a version. The bugs and user stories can be re-prioritized easily by using an easy backlog. Quick filters can be created to address surface issues with important characteristics. The backlog should be made at the center of a sprint planning meeting. Being in sync with the rest of the team can be aided by re-prioritizing issues in real-time, estimating stories, checking velocity, and adjusting sprint scope. To help your team become more accurate, using estimation methods, tracking, and reporting on story points is equally helpful. Own methods of estimating are usually encouraged with the use of ideal hours and story points.

Scrum Boards: 

Jira provides scrum boards that can be customized, so that team’s unique workflow doesn’t get hampered. You can get a quick snapshot of all the problems that have been finished. The unfinished issues move into the backlog automatically to be addressed in the upcoming sprint planning season.

It typically takes one or two weeks for a fixed-length work such as sprint. The planning meeting should be prioritized, and work should be fully scoped so that the team gets started as soon as the sprint begins. To keep the team focused on the task, these features should be tracked, and any problems must be encountered. The sprint permissions can specify what a user can see or do in a given program. The entire team can be given the freedom to be more agile and autonomous due to better delegate permissions. Bugs, stories, coffee runs, and everything in between can be addressed by custom issue types. For a custom workflow, a special configuration can be developed. Something more about workflow: You can develop your own custom workflow states and evolutions for every issue type. The Jira workflow engine can be leveraged automatically based on events in other networks or elaborate on the criteria that are pre-requisites before the issue can progress.

Another important strategy to know the whereabouts of your teams work and know the status of the work is known as daily scrums, which are basically short meetings or say stand-ups, where the whole team gathers up to get a quick review of the things they have completed, the tasks they have in their radar which is yet to be performed and some informal planning in devising a rough basic structure for the plan to be implemented. One can focus on day-wise critical items in order to address the problem in a specific manner. There are several retrospectives with scrum reports such as burndown chart, sprint report, velocity chart, cumulative flow diagram, release burndown, control chart, and epic burndown. However, mixed methodologies have been adopted by some agile teams. The Jira software can help the team without limitations of their tools. Implementation of agile becomes easy when there is an individual team level. While it’s extension across multiple teams in large umbrella networks presents one with numerous challenges in the areas of coordination, dependency management, etc. As the documentation is low in agile, Jira can be of great help from where you can access everything in one place. The scope of Jira is limited to tracking bugs and task tracking. However, these facts do not change whether it is an agile project or a regular project. But as the IT world is shifting its focus towards agile, having a sound knowledge about this methodology is important.

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