Hiring Movers in the City? What You Need To Know

Los Angeles, the largest city in California is also the second largest city in the US. Home to around 4 million people, thousands of people move to this beautiful city.

Neighborhoods in Los Angeles

A big sprawling city, the city is spread out over 498 miles. The city is made up of several neighborhoods such as Downtown, Hollywood, the Westside, Eastside, Wilshire, Crescenta Valleys.

Finding, hiring and then reviewing movers in the city is just one of the aspects of moving. Hopefully, it can be one of the more pleasant aspects of a frequently unpleasant task that is still a necessary evil. Whether you are making a professional move or moving with your family, apartment movers it is important that you find the best possible movers in Los Angeles so that you are not worried about your stuff during the moving process.

1. Movers in Los Angeles Should Be Available to Answer Your Questions

With email, cell phones, landlines, Skype, instant messaging and faxes, there should be no reason at all that you are unable to reach someone at the movers that you are talking to. If you leave a message, it should be answered promptly – no more than 24 hours should EVER pass before you get a response of some kind, even if it is to acknowledge the message and then to make a promise of a response. If more time than this is passing, do not pursue these movers. Never accept excuses: this is the age of communication and smart phones. Everyone is connected more than ever before.

2. Los Angeles Movers Should be Courteous and Respectful

After talking for several days back and forth, you finally schedule a walk through with one of the movers in the area. They come to your door, walk all over the carpet with less than clean shoes and one of the movers lights a cigarette in your front room! This should never happen and most of the movers in Los Angeles would never dream of allowing it to happen. If they cancel appointments at the last minute, treat your home like a bus stop or are just rude and nasty, they are not the right movers Los Angeles for you.

3. Movers Should Be on Time or at Least Call

As part of being courteous and respectful, the movers in the city should be on time to your home whether it for a walk through consultation or for the final move itself. If they cannot be there, there should be a phone call explaining why and giving a new estimated time of arrival for this appointment. Because Los Angeles is a city based on the movie industry, there are a number of reasons that there might be delays: roads get closed because of location filming, actors/movies get called for auditions. office movers The mover should allow you to know what is going on in these situations.

4. Movers in the City Should Give You an Exact Route

If you are thinking of where your items are at any given point, it would be nice to be able to have a location. Good will give you a route and a timeline for your items as they move them from Point A to Point B with alternate routes and reasons why those alternates might be taken. An estimated time frame should be given and explained carefully so that there are no panicked phone calls when the truck has not arrived at a specified time.

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