Getting The Best From Your Dhow Cruise

The traditional but elegant look of dhow makes it very interesting in look and you definitely would want to cruise in one. When visiting an area with dhows, you should make a point of cruising in one to complete your visit in style. Contrary to what many people might think, dhows are not necessarily old. They might have been used a long time ago, but there are new ones being put together every day to offer a fulfilling experience. They have all the modern amenities, but maintain that traditional appearance that makes them stand out. Here is how you can make your dhow cruise rewarding.

Timing – One of the worst things you can do is to miss your cruise when you have already booked it. Considering that you would need to move to the location of the dhow which is probably on a river, creek or marina depending on where you are, ensure that you get the cruise time schedules right. Most of the companies that offer the cruises make arrangements for you to be picked from your accommodation facility to the dhow location so that you do not miss out on your cruise. In case such is not available with your cruise dhow cruise , make sure you make your own arrangements so you can get there on time.

Still on timing, the companies have different day time schedules and some even offer evening and night cruises. If you would rather enjoy the cruise highlight during the day, choose the schedule that works for that, but if you would rather have a more romantic and relaxing cruise in the evening when the sun is setting and at night, then you have the option of choosing a schedule that gives that opportunity.

Sitting options РDhows have floor settings that are designed to accommodate a good number of people at a go. The table arrangements can however be different in such a way that you can have a table for two arranged on the upper deck just for you and your partner for that romantic uninterrupted cruise. Consider the seating options and relate them to the kind of experience you wish to enjoy during the cruise. Of course a more private sitting has a price tag to it, but the rewards are all worth it. Some providers also charter the dhows for your personal parties or corporate parties so feel free to weigh your options before choosing the most suitable cruise.

Refreshments РMost dhow cruises come with complementary drinks and food, but if you would rather have something more specific, then find out how possible it is for the provider to make that go down for you. You can enjoy a barbecue dinner privately with your family on the dhow to make the cruise most rewarding.

Fun activities РApart from finding a great spot on the dhow and eating your favorite meals, you can get the best from your cruise by taking part in the activities offered on board. It could be anything from dancing to karaoke and others.

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